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Zd’s Touring Services is a company with more than 20 years of Touring and Transport experience in Saint Lucia. We are not only professional but also friendly and welcoming. Your trips with us will not just be a service but an adventure and experience to tell your loved ones for years to come. We offer above 5 star level service on all our tours and transport services.

We have an impressive list of preset tours and packages to fit your every need, regardless the size of your party. Whether it is a bridal party, business group or family vacation and whether it is one person or 100 people we offer the best services islandwide. We also offer regular transport services to both of the island’s two airports or to a long list of hotels in all corners of the island. We Take care of and anticipate your every need and make your travel and tour the fun and engaging experience that it should be when on a majestic island such as Saint Lucia.


While offering great customer service we are a business and we are very professional. Always Punctual and try to offer the best and most complete experience here on island.

Building Memories

Experienced and talented small business ran by a family of generations of the best taxi drivers on island.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service is second to none. We value each and every customer and ensure that they feel like family every time they come to the island. It is why our repeat customers are so high and we are one of the most requested services.






Amazing Value





The best value service you will find anywhere on island. We are here to make sure you enjoy your stay but at an affordable cost while maintaining high standards.